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AVG, Microsoft OST

  • I have a client that the OST would grow at a rapid rate to the point it gets corrupt. Here is what they have installed. Office 2007, Microsoft CRM 4. When we uninstall AVG it does not grow at a rapid rate and does not crash Outlook. Once we put it on then the machine's OST goes through the rough and causes the OST to corrupt. Anyone have any thoughts. It appears to be this combination of AVG, Office 07, and CRM. No one else is having these issues.

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  • If you installed with the office 2007 plug in how about removing it and see if this is a problem.

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  • We have a similar config:-

    KES 2.1
    Outlook 2007
    CRM4 (with outlook integration)

    We dont have the KES office imntegration in place and havent had any problems on either Vista or XP.

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  • My guess would be that there is a corrupt email, calendar event or something in the OST. I have seen AVG and others do unpredicatble results like this when they are presented with unpredictable data.

    The error could be in the OST or on exchange

    I'd delete the OST and let it get rebuilt from the exchange copy to see if that resolves it. If it doesn't I would run the validation tools on the exchange server.

    You might want to just look at the folders sizes and see if there is a particular folder with a large number of email or large size.

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