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  • Hi,

    Once again we have just had the 'bugger, we're going to migrate this customer to KES and need to work out how to handle spam' discussion.

    For some customers we can get away with selling them our anti-spam solution, and for others we find they don't want to do that, making us scramble for another solution.

    Jeff you mentioned some time ago that you could add the spam option in AVG to KES if people saw the need. There is a need and we for one want it desperately.

    Is there any way we can make this happen?


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  • Hi Chris -

    Unfortunately the AntiSpam option from AVG was just too expensive (and it is all workstation client side - it just makes a folder in their outlook and stores them there).

    Better than a workstation client side is a email server side. Those come in two flavors
    - Installed on the Exchange Server. I've got some upcoming announcements around this - but nothing that is within the next 3 months

    - Hosted solution / Point your Exchange server. We are working on some relationships but don't have a big integration story with these.

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  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the update.

    We have got some customers redirected for this issue, however there are always one or two that are sensitive about this.

    However, no announcements coming in the next 3 months is information we can make decisions with, which is a good thing.


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  • Most likely know about these but Barracuda Anti Spam is a good box.

    expensive but in my experience definitely worth the money also sonicwall do an anti spam box.

    All sit behind firewall.

    Just a thought.

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  • ExchangeDefender - this is how we have been handling all of the KES customers.

    We sell KES as KES+ExchangeDefender so for each person you get 1 KES + 1 Mailbox.

    This works well, cost effective, takes a huge load of SPAM filtering off the server and means you're mitigating the risk of infection.



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