If possible I'd like to confirm that AVG resident shield ONLY scans the file extensions listed under the profile applied, listed in the "Define Profile" menu. For the profile I am currently using, these extensions are listed as being scanned,

Resident Protection scans files with extensions 386, ASP, BAT, BIN, BMP, BOO, CHM, CLA, CLASS, CMD, CNM, COM, CPL, DEV, DLL, DO*, DRV, EML, EXE, GIF, HLP, HT*, INI, JPEG, JPG, JS*, LNK, MD*, MSG, NWS, OCX, OV*, PCX, PGM, PHP*, PIF, PL*, PNG, POT, PP*, SCR, SHS, SMM, SYS, TIF, VBE, VBS, VBX, VXD, WMF, XL*, XML, ZL*.

I have a Hyper-V server which has 4 VMs running on it and a request to confirm that .vhd files are not being scanned. As far as I can tell they are not (no scheduled scans and Res. Shield seems to not include .vhd files) but can you confirm this for me?


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