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  • There are a few updates you should be aware of...

    1. AVG 8.5 SP2. This release from AVG is in the process of going out now and will be updated on different endpoints in a controlled fashion until all endpoints are updated over the next couple of weeks. How to know if you have the latest? Look for program version 406 or beyond.

    2. Hotfix for KES 2.0. There are two hotfixes that have been released (one on Friday and one today).
    a. Cookies were beginning to show up in some of the threat logging (both virus vault and discovered threats). We updated our parsing and are now doing the right thing with cookies. What is the right thing? If tracking cookies are marked to be "reported," then we delete them when discovered. If there are cookies in the virus vault, we ignore sending them up.

    b. AVGINETL was updated in KES 2.1, but we didn't release it out into the KES 2.0 world until it had a little more "baking" time. We've now seen it in production for some time and it appears to respond much better than in previous versions. While we aren't fixing the LAN share logic in KES 2.0, we did release today the updated AVGINETL. If you want to ensure better download logic for the LAN shares...then upgrade to KES 2.1.

    3. We (think we) created the final build of KES 2.1 today. It now begins the rigorous testing that we do to it...All of the KES 2.1 beta sites have been a fantastic test bed as well discovering issues that we never would have found in our labs. Key issues fixed between beta 3 and the release candidate? Option for installing Exchange, related Exchange download logic, logic for the mailbox installation tracking, and the default on the "auto update." Once we release KES 2.1, all future updates will be via hotfixes....of course...if you want to see the latest cool stuff...you'll have to get on the next beta cycle. Smile


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  • Jeff,

    Thanks for the information on the recent updates.

    Also....too often, in the rush of business life, we fail to take the time to say thank you. I, as well as most of the people using KES probably, are grateful for your efforts.

    As our clients can be very demanding on us, I suppose we are also very demanding on you. We sometimes focus on what is not working, instead of how many things ARE working.

    So, let me say 'thank you' for all of the work you have done for everyone, and specifically for me during our migration from Symantec to KES.

    Good job on KES 2.1..... take a breath.... and then bring on the 3.0 beta :-)


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  • hello Jeff

    We are on KES 2.0. Will we get the upgrade to KES 2.1 automatically?

    If not can I get a link to the upgrade. Tried to email but so far no answer back.


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  • Geez, Lloyd is making me feel like a bully for always finding and reporting problems - and sometimes being a tad critical Smile

    But he's right - thanks Jeff and Kaseya!

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  • thanks guys for the positive comments - the team really appreciates them.

    I've answered all of the KES 2.1 beta requests (I got backlogged a bit)....if someone else is interested, let me know. At this point, we are gold...meaning....unless the beta group finds something else, this release is final. From here forward, the plan is to hot fix any other changes or issues.


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