Hi all,

just wanted to see if I am making a mountain out of a molehill here.

We have kes deployed to about 700 machines now and very often alot of these machines are offline for periods of time not sure why - some are locked in a press in the office or users are away on holidays / maternity leave etc.

We have set alarms for definitions out of date to 14 days and some 28 days but for all these machines that are offline we get alarms saying AV is out of date. Obviously it has not been turned on in 3 weeks.

This is really annoying our monitoring queue as we are getting these emails in and we have to do a quick check and then delete if the machine is offline.

What are people doing for monitoring of KES - for the reboots we just pop up a message on the users desktop let them worry about it.

Are people monitoring the Definitions?



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