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AVG Install License Error

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    We are having trouble installing AVG through KES on some laptops.

    Roughly 10% of the installations only partially succeeded. The Protection element gets a green tick, but File and E-mail do not, and require AVG to be uninstalled, the agent account deleted, and AVG reinstalled, to recover the license.

    We have also just experienced a failure to install because of a license error. This occured on 3 machines - one was a reinstall as above, one a reinstall with a diferent profile, and one a new install.

    The instal log on the PC reports that the license key is invalid, however we have only used 3/4 of the licenses we initially purchased.

    I have raised a ticket with Support, but as yet no response.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be that the number in use reported differs from the number installed?


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  • You will sometimes see a license key error until the machine is rebooted, on first install.

    We have had this on a couple of occasions

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  • Do make sure that the installation options are set to reboot after install if needed.

    If this was not the case, please log a ticket (and have an affected machine available)


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