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Warning: ProcessBatch has not completed....

  • WARNING: ProcessBatch has not completed in over 60 minutes. ProcessBatch was last successfully run at 6/2/2009 11:13:01 AM. If actions appear stuck in a pending state contact Kaseya support.
    WARNING: CheckForUpdates has not completed in over 3 hours. CheckForUpdates was last successfully run at 6/2/2009 11:13:01 AM. If agents are not updating contact Kaseya support.

    Above is the error message I get. I got this error message last week and rebooted the server and it went away for a couple of days and now has come back. I checked to see if my KES clients were updating and they have not since before 6/2/2009 11:00 AM. I have tried to open a ticket, but I had issues there too and had to open a ticket about opening tickets, Sooo here I am. Any help would be great.

    We are running KES 2.0 with about 400 clients.

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  • This is a warning message that our internal processing isn't keeping up with the amount of message flow. You'll need to log a ticket and someone from support can get you fixed up. In KES 2.1, we allow for MUCH greater number of messages than in KES 2.0....something we learned... Smile

    On that note, you should also enable your support account / reset the password for it so that support folks can jump in on this one.


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