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  • Hi,

    Issue #1

    I am defining an alarm set in Security Tab, which are to be email to me daily with new virus found from all machines.
    However, I dont want to recieve any alarms raised by finding Cookies.

    Although I notice that I can select not to scan cookies in "Define Profile" Tab, I still want cookies to be found but I just dont want to be alerted via email when Alarms raises.

    Is there another way or Can Kaseya Support team help me on this one? Auto notifications not to include cookies

    Otherwise I will be either recieving 5 cookies per computer at 500 daily online computers , 2500 alerts. OR if i exclude cookies from scanning, i ll end up in serious Virus & Security issues.

    - - -

    Issue #2

    Is there a script or a way to delete cookies, rather than manually isolating them and deleting them?
    I know there is a third party software like CCleaner, but I dont want CCleaner to be installed on client's computer and run them in background.
    So, instead i want these temporary internet files and cookies to be deleted in more efficient way.

    Your helps are much appreciated. God Bless you all..

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  • Issue #1
    For cookies, if you ask KES to report on them, we automatically delete them without reporting back up to VSA the individual cookies we find. (If we are missing something there, then its a bug and we'll get it fixed up)

    Issue #2
    We are planning on having an option to deploy & run CCleaner as part of the scan process. Seems as though most of the gunk a scan finds is in the internet cache....so...assuming we clean it out prior to the scan, it should help the process. The thinking is to have this as an optional component of the install & scan


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  • Jeff, good idea but...

    When ccleaner tries to clean a file from the temporary internet files, the on-access scanner will detect the virus anyway.

    (not sure about AVG but that's how the other antivirus programs I've tried work)

    And if you blindly delete cookies, sometimes this will upset a client.


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