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Insall successful, Profiles constantly fail to load

  • First of all, please don't suggest I open a ticket. I've already done that. I'm looking for the wisdom of other users now.

    Since last week, no matter what we try, AVG is completely ignoring our install instructions and profiles are failing.

    Email scanner is turned off in install options. We have always had this oprion disabled. We have several custom profiles, only one of which enables email scan. 99% of the customers get a profile that excludes email scanning.

    We are now seeing a huge number of profiles failing to load. They might appear for a moment as loaded, but after a few minutes their status changes to "Failed to load" Once the failure has occured, AVG settings revert to what appears to be its own default settings.. and completely wiping out any changes we have set in the profile. Even after creating new profiles, they still fail almost every time.

    The failure on the terminal server is having devasting results. Many Outlook errors (avgxch.dll) had pretty much rendered it useless. The last thing I tried was also setting the install to excude the Office add-in and reinstalled on an affected machine. Once the profile fails, it's all out the window and AVG does what it wants.

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  • This KB article has a workaround for the Outlook errors - http://kb.kaseya.com/article.asp?article=300814&p=11855

    Regarding the failing profiles, could you please PM me your ticket ID?

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  • I too had issues this week deploying 18 nodes and found it best to use the options and disable the plugins that I don't want associated with the profiles we know we won't use. However what I thought woudl be a 2 hour process took 9.5 hours to complete for 18 machines.

    First I had prior AV that I had to remove, which I did manually (sophos) and then rebooted the machine.

    Second I pushed KES 2.0 to the machine's after running a quick audit to assure there were no other applciation conflicts

    Third Manual update failed, Profiles failed so I tried to reboot with no success.

    I tried to reproduce on a new laptop I purchased myselft and found I had to compete the reamin steps to get KES installed...

    First I had to log on to the machine and remove AVG 8.0 from Control panel

    Second I had to reboot the machine and then see that Kaseya->Security-Install/Remove saw that "AVG was removed by user" message.

    Third I re-pushed KES 2.0 to the client again and this time the manual update worked, however had to reboot and then reapply the profile.

    Once all this work was completed, applying profiles and manual udpates were working like a charm.

    I have a ticket open as well with kaseya, however only recieved a "We've escalated to product support specialist" and had a mess on my hands to cleanup prior to the client arriving to work on Monday...

    Very manual process but one that works for now until we have a resolution...

    And yes, I found the Profile won't load KB and Enbpoint Installtion guide to be of little use for me....

    Why would uninstalling the local copy of AVG and reinstall work is my question.

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  • When I arrived at work today I got slammed with AVG related calls from our customers. The avgxch32.dll error is popping up on many computers. I am also having trouble with assigning profiles. The profiles will fail better than 50% of the time, and I am willing to bet that the profiles that appear to have been successfully assigned with not stay that way for long.

    Another problem that has caused us grief is the unexpected change in AVG download sites. AVG use to download updates from the grisoft.cz servers, but now it appears that they have switched to use avg.com (or avg.cz) to download updates. I just found that our web content filters (Especially Untangle) have been killing the updates since the new domain(s) have not been configured to pass the filter.

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  • Interesting. I've been noticing that updates seem to be problematic lately, and I've taken two calls from users for whom Office files are no longer accessible. I had to reinstall KES2 without the Office add-in to get them back up and running again.

    Is AVG just incapable of vetting their updates and processes, or what?

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  • I tried deploying KES 2.0 to three servers last night and all three profiles failed to load. I've tried un-installing and re-installing and also opened a ticket and got the try this article as a reply as well. That was also of very little use to me. Could this be because of the update yesterday to correct the issue with the Kaseya UI not showing the updates correctly?

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  • We are seeking any/all profile application errors so we can nail them down. I've heard of a few reports of these and we typically find reg keys we didn't expect or some other environmental issue we didn't account for (which we then fix). Please log a ticket for any issues (copy me as well if nothing happens in more than 24 hours). We have a more instrumented version we'll try out in the short term (this is part of the service pack we are preparing).


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  • I installed KES2 on several workstations and 1 server last night. The workstations installed but the profile failed to load and it is not getting updates. They are all set to pull updates from the internet. I had to manually run the update on each workstation and then reboot. The profile then loaded correctly and was able to update. The server returned "AVG removed by user". I am still troubleshooting the server problem.

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  • I am testing this out, but had to complete the below to apply the hotfix.

    The hotfix has been released to address the issues with updates and Failed Scans. Hotfixes will get automatically applied if "Enable automatic check" is checked under System Tab. Just reload the Hotfixes once again under System -> Reload button, when it completes click on reapply schema and check whether the issue is getting resolved.

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  • GreyDuck
    Interesting. I've been noticing that updates seem to be problematic lately, and I've taken two calls from users for whom Office files are no longer accessible. I had to reinstall KES2 without the Office add-in to get them back up and running again.

    Is AVG just incapable of vetting their updates and processes, or what?

    We've also had the office problem on about a dozen computer so far. Its getting quite embarrasing when we push out an antivirus service and then have to explain why an executive can't open any office files, then immediatly take over the machine for 45 minutes and go through the troubleshooting and install/reinstall process.

    Also discovered that the ability to stop resident shield from the agent menu no longer works for KES2. A lot of customers have software where the vendor insists that AV be turned off for the upgrade.

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  • Some of the machines that were having problems had downloaded an update but it was not reporting back that it needed a reboot. So, after a reboot, everything seemed good to go. I also installed a few other agents today and I guess a hotfix resolved the original issues I was experiencing. I do have one that is reporting the wrong DB version.

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  • Here's the issue

    - AVG released SP2 which had backward compatibility issues in the API. They released an update to us which we released as a hotfix
    - SP2 API is not compatible with AVG SP1 - which is what we installed initially on all desktops
    - As part of the hotfix we release with the API, it downloads the latest installer. As luck would have it, in some cases the new installer wouldn't get placed correctly such that the old installer is used for installation, matched with the newer version API, which then causes all sorts of problems.

    We released another hot fix today to address these conditions which correctly retrieves and places the AVG installer. (Check in /Kaseya/WebPages/ManagedFiles/VSAHiddenFiles/av/avginstall.exe It should be newer than 11/30/08)

    How would you see this problem?
    New installations of KES 2.0 on the endpoints would display wrong version numbers (until reboot) and the rest of the issues discussed in the KB.

    The solution?

    With the hot fix today, the few system displaying the problem on the KServer having the old AVG installer are being resolved (it is getting downloaded, etc). Once that is in place, everything should work perfectly.

    Another heads up
    AVG plans to release AVG 8.5 (aka SP3) shortly....potentially as soon as next week. We are working on a pre-release copy of it to work through these issue prior to the update being released out. So far the testing looks good. The one downside thus far is that the update may require a restart. (By the way, we are adding updates such that restarts won't happen automatically as the settings are defaulted in AVG)


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  • Another update....my previous post was mostly correct...but there is one other addition.

    The updater for AVG had an intermittent problem where one of the files would not be installed correctly as part of the update process. This has been fixed in SP3 which comes out next week. For those machines needing update prior to that, you have 3 options.

    Try doing ONE the following:
    1. rename dfncfg.dat.prepare to dfncfg.dat and restart the computer.
    2. Re-install the endpoint (as if you were to add a component or just reinstall over the existing one )
    3. Do nothing and await SP3…which will fix this problem.

    Here's a sample script to do the rename

    Script Name: fixAVG_program files directory
    Script Description: Run this script on machines that are
    - having the Outlook crash
    - having profile problems

    This applies to AVG8 SP2 machines.

    Any machine finding the .prepare file is a problem

    IF Test File
    Parameter 1 : C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\dfncfg.dat.prepare
    Exists :
    Delete File - (Continue on Fail)
    Parameter 1 : C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\dfncfg.dat
    OS Type : 0
    Execute Shell Command - (Continue on Fail)
    Parameter 1 : rename "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\dfncfg.dat.prepare" dfncfg.dat
    Parameter 2 : 0
    OS Type : 0

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  • Jeff, with all due respect, I have to ask you: How is Kaseya testing these KES and AVG updates? A lot of the KES problems I've experienced seem like they should have been encountered during some typical in-house testing. I would think that testing of KES updates should be twice as vigorous as other components, no?

    My hunch is that changes are occurring so rapidly in Kaseya code (and 3rd party stuff like AVG's API), that the product is too dynamic to test properly? Sure, Kaseya could (and will) test the heck out of major releases prior to making available. But I assume there are a lot of near daily patches/hotfixes that just cannot be tested (or not comprehensively)?

    Until Kaseya has enough staff dedicated to beat the sh_t out of everything, why not find an MSP or two and pay them to be your testers, with real agents out in the field, using just about every aspect of the product as possible. Maybe those MSPs offer their customers reduced fees to compensate them for being guinea pigs... And no, I don't want this job Smile

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  • Thanks for all the input everyone. I forgot all about subscribing to this and just got back to it today.

    To date, we've gotten around some of the profile errors with a new one that sticks for some but not for others. It's been enough to keep people happy temporarily. I'll try the script Jeff suggested and see if it makes any difference. It's reached a point that when a client has any kind of AVG, we just rip it out for the time being and reinstall later. The volume of compaints has just been too high to wait around for anything else, no matter how quickly we received a response.

    I apologize to those involved for the spotty troubleshooting. I've been working on issues involving installes being completed and then 5 minutes later, it says AVG removed by user and no trace of it being installed any longer. More than anything, I just try to pout out the fires and hope I can actually work on the issue later. I'll be reading through the things and coming back with anything new I find. Thanks, guys.

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