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Evaluation of Kes 2.0, help

  • Hi ,we recently purchased the Kaseya platfrom for our clients. I am testing KES and finding it very frustrating. We are a diehard McAfee house but really want to use KES for the ease of central administration and license management.
    I have defined my policy and rolled out KES to a single PC, it installs with no issues and appears to be configured to the policy set by Kaseya. I am unable to find the option in the Kaseya console to enable web shield 'Check Archives' can anyone help me?

    Secondly I have been testing KES with the 'EICAR' test virus from here:-

    Web shield sometimes stops me downloading the .com or .txt file but not everytime Confused I am also not sure if the resident shield is working either, even though Kaseya reports it is turned on. The system does not stop the zip files from being saved to my desktop, nor does it stop me from opening the archives and extracting the virus to the desktop, I can even execute it! Once the files are on my desktop I can manually scan the files using AVG, when only at this point I am notifed that files contain infections, any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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  • we have been in the process of getting *every* setting in AVG into KES. It has involved getting API from AVG and to connect that up into KES itself. Unfortunately at this time we don't have that particular option connected in KES. That said, it is possible to work around this by distributing the config file directly. Sad

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  • Thanks for the information.

    Does anyone have any ideas why my resident shield does not seem to be picking up the test virus?

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