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Network Scanning

  • Yeah...let me clear that up.

    Computer scanning only scans the local computer.

    Resident Shield scans *any* file on open as long as
    - it is included in one of the file types to scan
    - it isn't in one of the directory exclusions

    We've gone back and forth on whether to go after this feature....any virus coming onto a computer must come from outside of the computer which means its going to come either from the internet or from the local network. Disabling network scanning opens that door. The other side of the argument comes from the idea that ALL machines inside of the network already have AV enabled so why double scan the files...Seems like a similar argument to why would someone have an interior safe if their house has external locks...

    So....with all that said, we've added the feature to AVG's v9 list. I don't yet have a commitment other than it has been requested before and other competitive products have it.


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  • We recently deployed KES 2.0 to a few of our clients and immediately noticed the network slow down. We were using NOD32 and never had a problem as NOD32 had the option to exclude all network drives.

    So we tried adding the network drives themselves to the exclusion list, but testing reveals that AVG ignores the exception if it is a network drive. We found this out by monitoring the avgrsx.exe cpu at the same time as a network .exe file is opened. Even with the exclusion in place, avgrsx.exe consumed 100% cpu for 5-10 secs causing significant delay while the application loads.

    When AVG is disabled, network performance returns to normal.

    If this issue cannot be addresses we will have no choice but to abandon AVG/KES all together as we cannot live with the poor network performance.

    Just about every other AV product has an option to exclude network drives. Why not AVG/KES?

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