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Moving From Avast to AVG

  • Gang,

    We currently were using Avast AV before we got on board with K, We currently are not licensed for the KES.... Just wondering your guys thoughts on how it has been working for you guys...

    I am also thinking of installing the Free AVG now.... looks like it can be scripted a lot nicer than the Avast.

    Avast does work great however, and have been very happy. Trying to make the most money possible... Thanks.

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  • (Remember....I'm one of those Kaseya guys)

    Try it out.

    Get your sales guy to get you a license key. Send me a mail...I'll get you on the beta for the KES 2.01.

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  • Avast! also has an uninstaller package that is silent if you wanted to uninstall it automatically. This would make your life a bit easier. You can run the aswclear.exe file (from avast free) and use the following switches for a server uninstall:

    aswclear.exe /verysilent /prod "av_srv"

    This should help you out!

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