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  • Does anyone know if resident sheild scans files opened from network drives?

    A lot of our customers are using software like MAS90 that, unfortunately, isn't SQL based but instead opens a large number of files on a file share. They have reported that the apps have been running really slow since we pushed KES out on the network.

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  • I believe it does. I would try editting their profile to exclude the full network directory or certain MAS90 extensions (they have alot they say you should exclude).

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  • yes - it does. If it didn't, that would leave a security hole as there is no guarantee that the file server is clean. We've kicked around features to detect that the file server has AV running and to not scan...but each time we come up with another hole. Safest way is what we do today.

    You can limit this by specifying exclusions for resident shield for either the data files for MAS90 (assuming some kind of shared file access) or the directory exclusions.


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