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KES and Excel (and Word?) Macros

  • We're running into a problem where KES is quarantining Excel files (.xls) that have Macros in them.

    Due to our industry, these are critical to receive for us. As we have several clients in the same situation we are, I'm asking for help from the community here.

    Does anyone know how we go about setting KES to ignore Macros in MS Office software? Failing that, how do we tell KES to ignore scanning MS Office files entirely? We'd rather risk a macro virus getting in than lose our ability to use these files.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • For Resident Shield you can exclude files by extension in the profile. This won't stop them being detected by a Full Scan though.

    The "Exclude Dirs" tab allows you to exclude specific directories from scanning (RS and Full Scan).

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