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KES reboot prompt after updates

  • Is anyone else seeing this? It has a 120 sec counter and asks the user to reboot. I found where this is controlled on each client but see no way to change it. The option I want selected is to perform the update and have it apply at the next computer reboot. (This is an option).

    I have ticket 164132 open for this if you'd like to reference it.

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  • There is an "Options" button in the Install/Remove section. There is a checkbox to "Restart the computer after installation if needed" and it appears to be enabled by default.

    I discovered this after I had 2 servers restart unexpectedly after updating them to KES 2.0.

    It would be nice if this option were a little more visible.

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  • We may be mixing up posts here...

    Heads up:

    AVG8 / SP2 is releasing in waves currently. This will come down as part of the signature updates of AVG and is not related to installing KES on the endpoint. The update will require a reboot. In some cases (and I'm not sure why yet), there are configurations out there with the setting to force reboot and prompt reboot rather than to complete update upon next reboot. In those cases, the user may be prompted to reboot their computer with a timer. We haven't had API control over the update / reboot control options...but are working on integrating those in future builds. I believe this is most noticeable on endpoints with the system tray enabled (of course).

    Anyways, I'm sure support will be releasing a more formal (and likely corrected) version of my comments here.


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  • We have published a KB article regarding this issue - http://kb.kaseya.com/article.asp?article=300618&p=11855

    Currently it contains only the information in Jeff's post, but we will update if we can find a way of preventing the prompting.

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