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AVGActive = false

  • Hello all. Trying to narrow down a potential virus on a client computer. When I'm checking the logs of KES, I see that it's installed, there are no threats, everything is updating fine...but I'm noticing one line on the logs that says the event "AVGActive" is "false". Couldn't find any clarification through the Kaseya EmPower site, couldn't find anything here on the forum, so I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this. It sounds to me like our anti-virus is installed but not actually do anything. At the same time, I was sick over the weekend, so I'm also wondering if I missed something. Any help is appreciated!

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  • I have the same issue too.

    Windows even sends the user an alert telling AVG is not active. So I suppose it is really not active on the machine. But in the Kaseya management console, the checkmark shows "enabled".

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  • You might want to check the activation. We had a test machines, that we updated to the first "new" release of KES. Towards 30 days, these started to say the trial was up, after 30 days AVG just wouldn't run. Simply had to schedule another install on that machine and everything worked out fine.

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