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AVG Sucking up all resourses

  • After rolling out KES, my users are reporting constant freezing and wait times. I did some testing and found that AVG is taking about ahlf the CPU resources. Any ideas/tweaks to eliminate this, aside from uninstall.

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  • If you search the forem, you will find this issue has been addressed several times. In summary, the 7.5 version is a resource hog. If you installed it to an older system, or one with limited resources, AVG will dog it out. By default, AVG 7.5 also installs and runs the office plugin. This really slows down opening up attachments and documents. In the forum you'll find a script that will disable this feautre.

    In KES 2.0 (AVG 8) you'll find most of these issues are gone (it should be released soon).

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