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AVGActive False

  • Hello every one!!!
    I have the next scenario:
    After changed the profile from Basic Protection to Standard Protection, I got the next lines in the log:

    2:22:53 PM 25-Sep-08 ConfigurationTimeout Script succeeded but Configure never confirmed

    1:29:41 PM 25-Sep-08 AVGActive False

    In those computer, KES is installed, feature: PROTECTION, FILES, EMAIL are on (with check mark) but in the file PROFILE name I continued with this message: Profile '2-Standard Protection' FAILED
    I have other workstation with the same situation except that features FILE, and EMAIL are not ON (with check mark).

    Any idea? Suggestion?


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  • AVGActive False just means we connected to AVG and it's active. The False means the exchange component is not installed. (Confusing, I know...I'll bug it so we can fix it in future versions)

    The configuration timeout means we scheduled a profile script and we never heard anything back. We typically get an ACK from the service on the endpoint each time we set a config....not sure in this case why we didn't get anything back.

    On that note, we have changed the way we communicate with AVG, the messages we send back and forth...and well...a LOT of stuff internally. We have yet to see this in KES 1.5.


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