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KES local install?

  • Does anyone know if it is possible or has anyone tried installing KES locally on a machine instead of pushing it out from the kserver?

    The problem i run into is that if i have a client with several machines to install in their network it can significantly slow down the WAN connection for their network depending on their bandwidth. Also because of the high number of clients needed to be installed on occasion increasing the Stagger time to something that would help would take the whole network installation several days or even weeks to complete.

    It would be much quicker if there was a way to copy the KES install files to a local server on the client network and run the installations from there.

    Any Ideas or help is appreciated.

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  • KES cannot be installed locally. You can set the File Source for your client under Patch Mgmt and have each agent pull the installation from another agent on the same network. See the KB link below.


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