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AVG (KES) disabled Exchange Information Store

  • Last night at 3:00am one of our managed servers had its Information Store disabled. It would not restrart or mount and all exchange features were brought to a halt. After numerous engineers involved. Microsoft Critical Business Support was tasked and after 3 hours concluded that the AVG services were causing the errors. Updates were not installed properly or running properly.

    We have temporarily disabled ALL AVG processes/services on this service pending the response from Kaseya.

    I felt foolish having to explain to a VERY VERY technical savvy client, why his brand new Exchange server was halted. Any he wanted full details. The incident was at approx 3:00am this morning. We had been unable to disable AVG from the VSA, as well as stop the service from the server. We finally pskilled it and the server is now up and running.

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  • We had 3 Exchange servers offline this morning in what was thought to be a KES related issue (but not confirmed). On 2 of the servers we a simple restart of the Microsoft Exchange Server System Attendant (and dependant services) resolved the issue.

    On the third server, the entire system was unresponsive and a reboot hung the server at "Applying Setting...". To resolve the problem, we rebooted into Directory Services Restore mode and attempted to recover the exchange databases from the log files using eseutil. The log files were also corrupted. Next, we forced a repair of the databases which worked well. After a successful integrity check we defraged the database and then rebooted the server.

    The final reboot resolved the issues and the Exchange server started up again. I suspected the problem was AVG related, but did not take the time to confirm it. I was going to review the log files tomorrow in more detail.

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