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Scans get cancelled whenever the AV sigs get updated

  • I have configured KES in the same way that we currently run AVG on systems:-

    Check for AV Sig Updates very 15 minutes
    Scheduled scan one a day

    I have never had a scan complete, it always appears as 'Cancelled' in the UI, having done some investigation it appears that the the Scan get cencelled whenever the AV sigs are scheduled for an update. This doesnt happen on our 'standard' AVG systems.

    Anyone got any clues on how to fix this, other than only updateing the sigs once a day?

    Thanks in advance for assistance

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  • I update the sigs every 12 hours and do not have this problem ... it seems that the systems stay very up to date at this interval as well ... every 15 mins is a bit overkill IMO

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