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  • I have started rolling out KES, and one customer had Trend installed on all workstations. The Conflict shows up in the install screen. I remove trend, reboot then rerun the audit and the conflict does not go away. Any clue how to remove that?

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  • Hi there,

    i found that with symantec - I had to go through every folder that symantec was installed and remove them. I had a situation where KES would not install because the symantec folder was there even though it was empty. I also had the same issue with live update - I had to manually delete the folder then KES would install.

    I would suggest find a machine with Trend on it and see exactly all the folders it is installed in then remove them manually if the uninstall does not do so and most don't fully get rid of it.


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  • try redoing a "BASE AUDIT" instead of a regular audit - for some reason I remember this problem as well and after uninstalling it still shows - KES seems to go by the baseline audit and NOT the regular audits ...

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