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Manual Installation of the KES Agent onto a workstation

  • Hi All,

    Is there a way to manually install KES onto a workstation, as the time it takes to push it out over a few ADSL connections is fairly long and i think it would be more efficient to just be able to push it out from a local copy on a usb stick or something?? Is this at all possible??




    Brendan Thompson

  • Hi Brendan,

    The installer will push down a copy of the avginstall.pkg file (which is just an exe it renames after the write file) and install it.

    If you were to copy this file to a USB stick, then copy it into the agenttempdir\kes folder, Kaseya will not re-push the file so long as it is the latest version.

    However, the version of this file is constantly changing, so you really need to update the USB stick every time you do it. More effort than it is worth in my opinion.

    A better solution for larger sites is to use your patch management file source settings. If you setup the site with a file source of a network share, when you deploy to multiple machines, the installer will come from the shared folder, not from the Kaseya server. Not much help for a one user site, but very handy if you have two or more machines.