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KES on 64 Bit Windows 7

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Has anyone tried running KES (AVG Flavor) on a 64 Bit Windows 7 machine (or 64 bit XP)? If so what kind of results have you had?

TBH We haven't really used KES for a couple of versions and are looking into it as there have been reports of real time scanning and what not.

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  • I have not had an issue, with KES/AVG or with AVG as a stand alone. I've had very few issues with the installation of AVG. The only real issues I've encountered are using credentials that don't have network or domain authority and with determining when AVG for mail server breaks something in exchange.

    We don't run scheduled scans except on a few machines whose users are "click on this" happy. We rely on the real-time scanning, which in my opinion does a better job than Symantec which is what we switched our clients from. Those clients that haven't switched to AVG yet have more problems with rogue AV and other attacks from the internet. But AVG doesn't catch everything, then again nothing catches everything.

  • Thanks for your input.  I've just installed it on my machine, and it performs OK... I'm not really satisfied with the results of the eicar test paylods, it seems that it only pics up the .com files on the fly, but no the .com.txt nor does it do anything with the zip files. Someone in another post said that they got it to pick up on everything, so it might be a settings issue.