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AV/Patch update not pushing on certain systems

  • I've noticed that certain machines that we manage are not correctly getting their AV update definition nor approved patches. All the settings have been checked and the machine credential tests are passing.

    Anyone with similar issues?

  • Yes, similar issue. "Update Succeeded" with result no_update_found, however other machines are updating. Same file source, same settings, etc. This same machine is getting a "patch file failed to download" message on patching, with same settings as other successfully patched machines, and backup failed due to image location not available, although image location check gathers free space correctly, credentials check passes, etc.

    Unsuccessful machine:

    7:56:52 AM 28-Oct-10 UpdateSucceeded @update_result_no_update_found

    Successful machine:

    6:10:22 AM 28-Oct-10 UpdateSucceeded

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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