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If I remember correctly, on the old forum there was talk of Kaseya integrating MalwareBytes as another option.  I have not seen anything on this in a while, and I am still trying to get used to this new forum (so forgive me if I missed it).  Anyone know if this is still in the works?  It is definitely something we are interested in.



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  • Malwarebytes is still very much on the cards, along with the KES3 update to use Kaspersky rather than AVG.

    Both of these are listed in the RoadMap document that was released the other week, but no timescales in the roadmap document. I suspect that we will see both ES3 and MalwareBytes before the end of the year.

  • If I understood correctly during the Kaseya connect conference, these will be included in the October 1, 2010 service pack release.

  • We are actively developing that.  Drop me an email to get connected once we have a beta / alpha available


  • Jeff,

    just a little clarification....do you know if KES3 will Replace AVG or will it add support for Malware Bytes / Kasperskey in addition to AVG?

  • MalwareBytes is meant to be a complimentary product (Anti-Malware focused) to KES and Kapersky (Anti-Virus Products). So I am expecting to have both MalwareBytes and an AV product (either KES or KAV) on our managed systems.

  • It sounds like KES (AVG) will be around for a while (there'd be an awful lot of unpleasantness if it were withdrawn instantly), to be gradually replaced by KAS (Kasperskey). From a roadmap briefing the other day, it seems that KES and KAS will share the same license pool, so you can migrate from one to the other when the opportunity arises.

    KAM (Malwarebytes) will be an additional license (probably same price as for the AV products) and can be installed alongside the AV if you want to have both.

  • Hey Jason, it is definitely in the works. I would expect K to have a working Alpha/Beta sometime soon.

  • I can't wait for malware bytes integration...as for Kaspersky vs avg...I usually am very careful about putting antivirus on the servers, but for workstations, AVG has been working quote well...

  • Since the majority of our issues are spyware that would be GREAT!!

  • IIRC it wont be until Q4 before we see it, and it'll be a value add

  • last week i completed a survey to get into the alpha release

  • Maywarebytes should be free.  KES was touted as a Anti-virus and Anti-Maiware Solution.  Our clients will not understand why the cost doubled with a new release.  They were getting Malware protection before, and will in the future.  To them, they won't understand the increase in cost.  This translates into a situation that we won't be able to charge for it.  If we eat the cost. we will take a loss on KES.  We are not in the business of losing money.

  • so your customers also believe that every operating system and office upgrade should be free as well since they shouldn't need to pay more for new versions?

    Besides...AVG was $8/YEAR...thats less then a $1/month...normal AV is $30/year so if you are selling it at $30/year then you can afford to provide them the free upgrades...

  • Wrong.  When I subscribe to a Anti-Virus/Malware service, I don't expect the price to double on renewal.  If the company providing the service decides that their malware protection isn't good enough and needs to invest in additional technology to cover an EXISTING service, I expect them to eat those costs.

    I am not charging $30.  I don't know what size clients you work with, but my clients are not spending more than $16 a workstation for anti-virus/malware.

    No, my clients don't expect software to be free.  Though, they don't expect AV renewals to cost MORE.  Actually, in the anti-virus industry it is EXTREMELY standard that renewals cost from 25-50% less then the original purchase price.

  • KES anti-malware is based on the anti-malware engine built into AVG.  Kaseya will continue to integrate this functionality and if that is sufficient for your needs you can continue using it.