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Suggestions on uninstalling ESET from SBS2011

  • I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on my issue.  I have a server running SBS2011 and previously ESET was installed along with the ESET agent.  It would appear that at some point in the past an uninstallation attempt failed leaving remnants of the installation behind.  This is keeping me from installing Kaspersky.  ESET's uninstaller software needs to run in Safe Mode to perform a cleanup.  I have never attempted to do this remotely since booting a server in safe mode requires you to enter a password if I recall correctly.

    Has anyone done this successfully remotely and if so, what were the steps/procedures you used?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • We went another route - used iDRAC with KVM to remotely access the server console....you can then get into the BIOS, boot into safe mode command prompt etc.

    If you have a server with iLO, iDRAC, or even perhaps vPRO you can leverage this, rather than trying to get KRC to work....