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Machines failing to migrate from Antivirus (Classic) module to new Antivirus module

  • Hello all.

    I have reached out to support regarding this issue of trying to migrate a machine over to the new antivirus module, but I haven't got anywhere really in regards to it. 

    So far, I've only got directed to the KB article for this, but I have followed those steps to no avail.  In my initial attempts of migrating a machine over to the new antivirus module, it gets stuck on trying to push the uninstall of it from the classic antivirus module and it will never go through.  Is there something I'm not doing right?  In theory, I thought I was just supposed to do it like a new antivirus install (that being just selecting a machine, going to install and then choosing install or upgrade antivirus, and then choosing the appropriate settings for the install).  However, no matter which settings I choose, I can't get it to migrate over.

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  • Drop me a message and I'll see if can offer you any assitance. I am currently 80% of the way through migrating 5,500 machines from classic to KAV, and the process is far from painless.