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Announcement: AVG End-of-Life and Upgrade Recommendations

  • AVG Announcement

    Kaseya Recommends Customers to Upgrade

    Affects:  Kaseya VSA with AVG-Derived VSA Security Module (KES)

    AVG announced in May 2016 the “End of Life” of two versions of their antivirus product, which impacts all Kaseya customers using the VSA Security module (KES).   AVG 2012 will be “End of Life” on October 31, 2016 and AVG 2013 will be “End of Life” on December 31, 2016.  All Kaseya customers using KES will need to plan upgrades to ensure that end users remain protected.  Specific instructions for impacted customers are presented below.

    Kaseya has worked with AVG to ensure a plan to upgrade KES to AVG 2016.  AVG has only recently made their mailbox extension available to Kaseya, and we are currently finishing  an upgrade patch for VSA  9.2 and 9.3 that will move KES to the current AVG engine.  We expect this patch to be available early November.  Kaseya requests all customers utilizing KES to plan an upgrade before the end of 2016.


    9.3 Pre-Upgrade Checklist: https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/hc/en-gb/articles/229313568

    9.3 Upgrade Step-By-Step Gude: http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/VSA/9030000/Install/index.asp#10371.htm

    9.3 Post-Upgrade Checklist: https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/hc/en-gb/articles/229003887

    Versions:  VSA 9.1 and Prior

    Kaseya customers utilizing KES on VSA 9.1 or prior get the AVG source engine from AVG 2012, which will not be supported after October 31, 2016.  To avoid any user impact,  you will need to upgrade  your VSA version to 9.2 or 9.3 and then upgrade all your endpoints.  If you need assistance with your upgrade to VSA 9.2 or 9.3 please submit a helpdesk ticket at https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/

    Once upgraded to VSA 9.2 or VSA 9.3, please proceed with the instructions below.

    Versions:  VSA 9.2 and VSA 9.3

    Kaseya customers utilizing KES on VSA 9.2 or VSA 9.3 get the AVG source engine from AVG 2013, and should plan to implement the November VSA patch.  In the interim, Kaseya advises that you confirm that all your agents are indeed on the 9.2 or 9.3 version of the endpoint code.  If you require assistance, please submit a helpdesk ticket at  https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/

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  • UPDATE - Kaseya Recommends Customers to Upgrade

    In follow-up to the the October 6, 2016 announcement, Kaseya would like share a notification we have received from Avast:

    Avast will end-of-life for all AVG 2013 business editions including those sold via partners to business on June 30, 2017.  The result of end-of-life for any edition of AVG 2013 is all anti-malware definitions and updates will stop on the noted dates.  The protection provided by the software and will degrade quickly therefore Avast highly recommends upgrading customers to the current version of AVG or Avast anti-virus prior to the end-of-life dates.

    This means:

    *AVG 2012 is now EOL.  All customers using KES must now be on VSA 9.2 or 9.3 using AVG 2013 to avoid exposure.  

    *AVG 2013 EOL has been extended to June 30, 2017.  VSA Administrators now have until June 2017 to get the KES patch which utilizes AVG2016 installed.

    *This patch will be available mid-December.  The mailbox extension will be made available in a patch at a later time, estimated January 2017

    All patches and release notes can be found here:

    9.2  help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    9.3  help.kaseya.com/.../RN

    If you require technical assistance, please contact Kaseya Technical Support https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/

    Customers wishing to use this as an opportunity to inquire about other Antivirus solutions offered by Kaseya, are encouraged to contact their Customer Success Representative.  

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