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Avast acquisition

  • I've seen in the media lately that Avast is acquiring AVG. At this point it seems to early to be shouting anything from the rooftops along the lines of AVG going away as a product, but I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts on this topic in relation to AVG's relationship with Kaseya.

    Does anyone plan to jump ship from AVG (KES) to Kaspersky (KAV) or another solution in light of this situation? Does AVG being acquired by Avast make the idea of a potential future with the KES module seem more appealing to anyone who currently does not use KES?

    Does anyone feel like Avast will make AVG's product better? Or worse?

    Just curious what everyone thinks about it.

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  • We decided to move from KES to KAV in December.

    There was a video of how they plan to update the modules and I believe KAV was going to be updated and maintained by kaseya where as the KES module was becoming a 3rd party module and would be maintained and updated by the 3rd party and not Kaseya.

    Which meant to us that there was too much risk of the module not working for days/weeks and only being fixed when the 3rd party got round to it

  • Carl how did your move go? Are you on 9.3 and is KAV fairly stable now? Early post on here about KAV put me off testing it.


  • We switched from KES to KAV this past year and change went just fine, happy we made the change. We're still on 9.2 though

  • For those who switched from KES to KAV;

    Did you switch all at once, or did you stagger your switch and do groups at a time?

    How did your switch work out with licensing? I know Kaseya has changed their licensing structure for some things recently, so I'm wondering did you end up waiting until some kind of renewal for KES was close before you switched to KAV, or did that sort of thing not matter?

  • Depending on the number of agents you might get different results but we started moved to KAV late Nov 2015 or Early Dec 2015. Given that we have over 5,000 agents we knew it wouldn't be easy but the 9.2 version of KAV is so broken and the processes to get it installed and KES off was a pain.

    We eventually figured our way through some of the quirks and are about 300 agents away from being completely moved over to KAV. I am cautiously optimistic about the 9.3 KAV though now I have to roll-out the new version to all machines.