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Automatic deployment and scheduling initial scan

  • I am trying to automate two actions around KES.

    1. I would like to have KES automatically deployed when an agent joins a particular machine group
    2. Once KES is installed, I want the initial scan to run (or to run as a pre-defined time). Today, I have to log into each machine and run that initial scan.

    Are these things possible? Thanks.

  • If you have your AVG serial, you're able to create your own installation script. I've done this to create some update script for AVG, as I didn't want a reboot scheduled when I update AVG to the 2013 version. (a reboot is very frustrating for my clients as they're interrupted in their work)

    afterwards it's possible to run a scan, either by running it with kaseya or with an own script. for the AVG options check this site: faqbay.com/.../how-use-avg-command-line-scan