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Deploying KES manually for large deployment

  • Hi There..


    We have a large deployment of new systems and installing the KES agent from the console takes a long time and slow the staging process down.  Is it possible to deploy the KES software as part of our image and still have it sync up an work from the console when the agent checks in?  If so how would this be done?

  • I've learned that you can copy over the AVGInstall.exe to the local machine from the DC on the LAN just rename it to ..pkg.

    You can also use the same command line switchs to install AVG on machines and than use the Verify Install button in KES Install/Remove page to link it to KES.

    So has an Example this is what I do for my large deployment for sites on a different LAN.

    1) copy the AVGInstall.exe to the DC.

    2) rename the AVGInstall.exe to AVGInstall.pkg.

    3) create a procedure to copy the AVGInstall.pkg to the local machine \#KTemp#\kes directory.

    4) Setup the installation options in KES to run the coppy script before the install.

    5) setup all the other Isntallation Options.

    6) Install on all machines.

    This is the quickest way I've thought of to install on machines not on the LAN.

  • Hi All :)

    Last night I had a problem trying to deploy AVg from the K2 server, I haven't had any problem deploying 10 AVG installs from K2.

    But now I have a bigger deployment 37 machines and it didn't go thorugh with K2.

    Fortunately I found this post,  I copy AVGinstall.exe in a local server, rename to avginstall.pkg

    I have in KES>install/remove >  \\localserver\ITsource  

    I am stuck in step 4)   having defined as install source the local server path.

    I think that I should just install with the installation options and the profile I want.

    But it fails :(.

    I tried to just run the avginstall.pkg  manually in the target PC but in one screen I have to activate the license, how this is done in the process describe above?  I think that's the reason why the install is failing.

    I will keep troubleshooting but I will appreciate any comment that helps me to get this sort it out.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Ana,

    what i normally do for more than 5 install of KES is use a local file source (same source for Patch Management). I first run an install one machine so that it will download everything from the K server to the file source and after the first one is done, i'll push it to the remaining machines. Not sure if this is efficient but its faster than getting everything from the K server.

  • Pords has hit the nail on the head.  File source on a local server will only cause it to be downloaded once to the server, and the workstations with a correctly configured patch file source will pull the install from the server.  Beats downloading AVG from your KServer each time, by far.