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AVG 2016 issue

  • I'll skip the backstory of how I got here... <grrrr>

    There are situations where AVG2016 had been pushed to the Kaseya server, therefore, to endpoints.

    Kaseya has decided to not support AVG2016 and stay with AVG2013.  Unfortunately, Kaseya servers may not have been rolled back so 2016 is still being installed.

    The fix is to have the help desk undo the original change to 2016, then uninstall 2016 and install 2013 on all affected endpoints.

    I understand it's a rare case, but you should probably make sure that you're not installing the now unsupported 2016 version

  • Also, AVG 2013 does not support Windows 10 Threshold 2.

  • Hi SMason,

    AVG 2013 support Windows 10, at least in KES module. Can you let me know if you're seeing otherwise?

    [edited by: Tim Cruz at 5:07 AM (GMT -7) on Mar 31, 2016]