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KAV is not reporting on Windows Server 2012

  • I asked this question on Kaseya Support and after quite few weeks, I was told to ask it here, so, there it goes:

    my client has a Windows Server 2012 where I installed KAV. The anti-virus is installed and seams to be working fine, with Full scans and Critical scans running at the schedule times.
    But when I check the VSA panel, anti-virus-->Machines, on the column "WSC Reported Product Name" it is blank. That column is not showing any thing.
    Is there any procedure that need to be done in order to populate that column for Windows 2012 machines?
    Thank you

  • Windows Security Center, renamed Action Center in Windows 7 and later, is a workstation only component.  You shouldn't find any server, regardless of OS version or AV/AM product installed, reporting anything in this area.

    It would be nice, but MS decided it was a workstation only feature.