Since the introduction of AVG2013 support, all AVG2012 agents are incorrectly reported as having out-of-date definitions.

The current AV definition for AVG2013 and AVG2012 are different. e.g. right now the current definition for AVG2012 is numbered 11096, whilst the current definition for AVG2013 is 11599. You can erify this by checking with AVG at 

The VSA always uses the AVG2013 current definition number to determine if an agent is out of date or not.

Therefore, any agent with AVG2012 installed always reports as being out of date (e.g. security/security status, the version shown is always red, meaning out of date, dashboard/signature versions older than '11999' lists basically every AVG2012 install).

This is a design flaw in the VSA, in that only one 'current' signature version exists in the database - the VSA cannot handle, at a design level, different current signature versions for each AVG version.

This needs to be addressed, as it is not always possible to update every agent to AVG2013.