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KES profiles not applied

  • Hello all,

    after upgrading my Kaseya system to version 9.2, I have troubles with AVG 2013. I can install AVG, but the assigned KES profiles are not applied. the all 'failed to load'.

    the log in kaseya tells me 'error loading configuration' with a reference to the xml-file repsonsible for the KES profile.

    I have a ticket open at kaseya support, but there is no solution yet. Anybody else has this problem?

  • Yes and my clients and engineers are making sure I know about it.... what a nightmare. I intend to work on KES drama all day today..... not my idea of a good time.

  • More info:

    We are running VSA (updated last night... only made our problems worse).

    The installs seem to be stuck in infinite loops across the board. This really sucks.

  • I would really like to know if this ends up getting fixed prior to the release of R9.3

    It's actually a little disappointing to see that it was broken from the start of R9.2 and now R9.3 is around the corner and it still hasn't been fixed.

  • Hi All,

    Thank you for providing your feedback and information on this subject.

    From my understanding of this issue - we corrected some of the behavior with patch 


    However, I believe there is a problem applying pre-existing profiles.

    If you are experiencing this issue, it would be best to report it via our helpdesk to get the latest updates and notes on this.

  • I have a support call running (#118533). Last week I updated to patch version, but it's not solved. At this moment I am unable to apply any profile which has exclusions listed.

    even worse, when an upgraded endpoint (from the AVG2012 version) has exclusions setup, they are listed in the AVG console on the endpoint (also in AVG 2013), but Kaseya fails to apply any KES profile at all.

    it seems they release a KES update with K9.2, but it was not fully tested and they don't know how to fix this.

  • yesterday I received a fix from kaseya support. At this moment it seems to fix the problems with applying the KES profiles.

  • That's good news. I have not received the hotfix yet, but I did get some great advice for database performance issues we were having through my support ticket.

  • Maybe you can ask the support team to put that performance advice in to a KB?

    We're continually having performance issues that the support team can't nail down.

  • Is anyone else still experiencing issues?  We are now at and still having problems with profiles applying and not staying applied.

  • Kaseya support told me that I should install (I'm on I'm planning to do that this coming weekend.

  • Don't hold your breath.... we've had it worse since it went to AVG 2013.  I do believe it got worse when we hit 9.3.0 :(

  • Hi All,

    To give another update here; did have a fix for KES Profile issues: 


    Endpoint Security

      • Fixed an issue with exclusions in Endpoint Security profiles not being applied to scans. (IP-1534/ATTWO-1032)

    Currently, there is a problem ticket for KES profiles failing to apply in 9.3 (Ticket # 145218).

    I requested support to associate the ticket your colleague created for this with the problem ticket, when a fix is released the ticket should be updated.