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Moving from AVG to Kaspersky.

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Just wanting to know if anyone has switched from AVG to Kaspersky in Kaseya and if so what issues came up in the transition?

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  • Tom,

    The only issues I have had are less problems with Kaspersky =).  AVG is a great solution for a certain type of client with a certain level of expectation.

    As I manage thousands of endpoints, the transition (From AVG to Kaspersky) has been continuing and more than 90% of our clients are on Kaspersky, compared to the initial 50% when I began.  Feedback has been positive with the occasional concern of Kaspersky scans executing at off-hours.

  • We have migrated clients from KES to KAV. the one thing we ran into is that KAV is far more sensitive, so making exceptions is something you will have to watch.

  • That is usually the case with any Kaspersky product as well - it's the cost of added security in my opinion.

  • I have no issues with it, just something to make sure you are aware of, it's a bit of surprise when you convert someone over the first time.