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New AVG Update Issue Affecting KES

  • We have received reports this morning of AVG again causing some agent reboots. AVG has confirmed it is not the previous AVG2015 update issue but have identified there was another program update released today that is causing the recent reboots. AVG has stopped this recent update and the changes should take effect within 10-15 minutes. We are working closely with AVG as they are currently investigating and we will update you as soon as we have additional information on further remediation steps.

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  • Our servers did not reboot. We started receiving offline alerts this morning and found that we could still remote control them with Kaseya. The servers appear to be functioning for our clients, but some aren't able to login for us. One has sat at Preparing your Desktop for 2 hours now.  The issues vary from box to box, but none of them can launch the AVG GUI. You can't uninstall it. I assume you can after a reboot. The memory and processor are not pegged. It really feels almost like a virus with the exception that they're still accessible. 2012.0.2258 271.1.1/9835 [KES]  might be the update that did it. We have about 10 that went offline this morning on us.

  • We are seeing the same thing.  Rebooting the server fixes the issue but should not have occurred in the first place.  Servers are still on AVG 2012 after reboot.

  • The only server I have that was rebooted today is still having issues. It's unable to login, just sitting at Preparing your desktop. We haven't been able to reboot anything else yet, so I still don't know if Reboot, uninstall AVG, reboot is the solution. Almost all of my affected machines are stuck trying to log in or they have an hourglass and refuse to launch avg. I can't even launch anything from Prog Files or manually reboot them! It's almost like we need the clients to shut them down hard before we can even get AVG removed.

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  • Further Update:

    AVG has confirmed that this issue was due to a problem with a program update released on 30-Jul-2015.

    Once the machine has rebooted the issue is resolved. The update tells the AVG install to reboot without warning, but this will only happen once and will cause no further reboots. AVG has already pulled the bad update, so no new machines should be affected.

    We are continuing to work with AVG at the moment and apologize for any inconvenience.

    Please "follow" this article link for further updates:


  • Third major incident for AVG in a very small window. Are they determined to lose their business?

  • I'm seeing servers running 2012.0.2258 without issues. However, all the servers that went unresponsive are now running 2012.0.2250 after a forced reboot. I'm unsure if a rollback happened from a failed 2258 install.

  • Further Update:

    We believe that the install of AVG update version 2012.0.2258 may be the problem. Machines running 2012.0.2250 should not be affected, as the .2258 update has now been removed. If your server is running 2012.0.2258, then it has already rebooted and updated. Please note that the 2012.0.2258 update itself is not a problem, it simply caused an unexpected reboot. There is no need to rollback, or remove 2012.0.2258.

    If you have any machines that are currently offline, then they may be in a "awaiting reboot" state. The update will be trying to reboot the machine and may be prompting for user action. In this case, a forced reboot will be required to finish the reboot process.

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  • ....50-odd servers later. Thanks, AVG :(

    ...but a BIG thanks to Kaseya for the rapid diagnosis & detailed information.

  • This is still ongoing.  Even after we had to travel to several sites yesterday to hard reboot servers I have 2 or 3 more that are doing this again this morning.

  • bhinson,

    If you have not done so already, please open a ticket with Support (helpdesk.kaseya.com).  AVG confirms they have removed the 'bad' update from distribution, and both AVG and customer reports indicate that if the bad update did make its way to a machine, once the unannounced reboot completes, there should be no further impact.  

    Support will be able to determine if your ongoing issue is due to a process that started but hadn't completed and is taking time to run, if the issue is compounded by another variable, or if the issue you are seeing is exhibiting the same symptoms but due to a different root cause.  

  • Even after a reboot, this problem has come back.  The servers checked back into Kaseya after the reboot for approximately 10 hours, but are now showing offline again.  Kaseya Remote Control still connects to some of them, but we are unable to login to the servers.  We cannot even uninstall AVG 2012 after the reboot; the uninstaller hangs.

  • Hi  

    I looked but could not find a ticket for you in our helpdesk on this specific issue.

    Please create a ticket here and we can further investigate what may be occurring on these endpoints.

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  • We had one machine where the problem "came back" also.

    The AVG UI on the machine reported version 2258. The fix for us was to run an AVG update ON THE MACHINE ITSELF. AVG reported numerous components that needed to update to version 2258. We allowed AVG to update itself; the update completed successfully; no reboot was requested.

    After this we found that the issue was resolved.

    TL;DR - you may need t run an update within the AVG interface itself on the affected machine.