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Hang after Windows Updates 12% KES

  • Hi All, 

    I'm hoping someone has had the same problem here, for a while we have noticed machines with KES running on them where after a windows update via kaseya their machine are rebooted and on startup hang on updating at 12%, it hangs on this then reverses and boots back up eventually. 

    The machine ends up in a cycle doing this until you disable KES mealtime protection and run the updates, reboot and then re-enable KES protection. 

    Trying to do this for customers out in the field on laptops is proving very difficult, has anyone got a better solution?



  • Can't say I've ever seen or heard anything like this. It's almost certainly not KES alone; perhaps you have some oddball interaction going on with your specific environment, but I can tell you I use KES and K-driven windows updates across dozens of clients and have never seen anything like you describe.

    Have you checked the Windows event logs for any information? what about the windowsupdate log file?

  • We have the same problem with one customer

    We removed AVG and run the Windows updates and install AVG again

  • One thing we had some success with during one of these Windows hanging up at a certain percentage because of AVG was disabling resident shield.  During one of these we were able to go to the Security Status screen and disable resident shield and the updates would finish and then boot.  They were booting enough to be online with the kserver but hang on an update installation.