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Agent Re-Deployment

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During our first few weeks with K2, we deployed several agents on one of our sites with K default install. Months have past now and we already have a template that have everything we want, i.e. custom icon, etc. I tried searching about this but i guess i am not searching well enough. :). On this site, some have our new custom install agent and most of them have the old one. Can i just push/install using the new install agent over an existing old agent?




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  • I think you will just want to create a new install with your template and add a /r to the install string.

  • Yes, GDRBrian is correct, you can't just push it out as an 'update' you will need to do the /r switch on the fresh install and then push that one out. I'm assuming there aren't "that" many agents that require the custom version?

  • You don't need to reinstall to fix the icons. If you upload new custom icons and have existing machines that have the defaults, just do the following:

    1) Go to Agent > Update Agent

    2) Select the agent(s) to fix

    3) Tick the 'Force update even if agent at version XXX' option

    4) Click Update

    This will reload the agent with the new icons without having to fiddle with packages or reinstalls. Any other agent changes should be able to be rolled out or applied via a template copy, no reinstalls needed.



  • Hummm.... trying to follow here. you installed K clients to several machines. The agents have not really been configured with many things (like monitoring and other settings). Now you've created a template and want to update these existing agents with a template that already has all of the settings you want.

    If this is what you're asking, then the answer is easy. Use the "Copy Settings" fuction under the Agent Menu. It will allow you to use your template as a cookie cutter for all of your existing agents.