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KES with LAN Cache and Patch Source

  • We've recently moved all our clients to use a LAN Cache. This makes all of our KES Install Sources switch back to our KServer which eats a ton of upload bandwidth.

    Is there any way to set the KES Install Source to be the LAN Cache, or do I need to switch them over to a local Patch Repository for the install and then switch back to LAN Cache after we're done?



  • Your best bet is the policy management module if you havent already.

    Setup your lancache to a share that is local to your desktops. State your lancache in your policy.

    When those desktops need to update, they pull update from their local(machinegroup) lancache.

    Lancache downloads updates from the internet.

  • We're already using policy based LAN Cache, but the specific KES installs and upgrades do NOT use that. I'm wondering if there is a way to force that to happen.

    I'm referring to the same problem as this post: community.kaseya.com/.../18372.aspx

    I'm looking for a workaround.

  • I never understood why LAN cache isn't the same thing as Patch Source. Why do we have to do 2 different things that essentially do the same thing? You're better off figuring out how to disable AVG automatic updates because they run every 4 hours out of the box. With or without LAN cache, that's an annoyance for every one of your clients.