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Systems Hang at Reboot

  • Is anyone else seeing problems with systems that have AVG installed hanging at reboot.  I starting noticing this last week with workstations.  This weekend I had this happen on a significant number of servers.  The server will be at a blank screen after starting Windows, then never boots.  In each cause power cycling the system seems to correct the issue.  In every case the only thing that the systems have in common is that AVG is installed.  None of my systems without AVG installed have this problem.

    Has anyone else seen this?

  • Yes. Seeing the same thing since last week, All workstation.  It can take several restarts, in some cases, to get Windows loaded.  

    - All AVG systems so far.

    - Removing/Reinstalling AVG seemed to fix the issue for one machine, haven't done any other yet but may as needed.

    I ended up opening a support case for this, it's affecting many machines.  Waiting to hear back.

  • Hi Eli & Mike,

    Can you please respond with the tickets you logged and I will take a look?



  • My ticket # CS188293


  • We're having the same issues big time this morning!! Status update please!

  • Amado, thanks for your help, but we are in the process of removing AVG from all of our systems because of repeated problems like this.  If I access any machines, I will be removing AVG.  I will not spend any time collecting troubleshooting information at this point.  My ticket for the problem is CS188148.  I was hoping that AVG may have communicated that the problem was a known issue and status of a fix to Kaseya.

    My co-workers have confirmed that removing AVG fixes the problem.  We had initially wasted a lot of time under the assumption that this was caused by a bad Microsoft patch until I realized that only machines with AVG were affected.

  • Eli, Mike, we are looking into this; the techs will update your respective tickets directly. I will post back here when we have more details

    did you submit a ticket? If so, what's the number?



  • Help we are having the same problem across a number of endpoints, has anyone found a work around apart from removing AVG?

  • Any official word from AVG on this issue? We are seeing the problem randomly at several customer locations and so far the only workaround is Safemode w/Networking boot and AVG uninstall, then install MS Security Essentials.

  • Kaseya/AVG please give us a response on this??? We have 700 KES licenses in the field and this is happening randomly at different customers and we need a solution asap?

  • We are still investigating this issue with AVG however AVG requested to please respond with the dump files requested in tickets CS188293 and CS188148 to further investigate.

  • I am having this same issue but it is with kaspersky

  • For anyone who's experienced these problems and not had any solution from Kaseya. We've found this to be a problem with some customers who have HP Desktops and KES installed, although it doesn't happen to all models or all users.

    Our solution was to upgrade the network card drivers on the desktop machines and leave KES as it is.

  • Kaseya Support, any update on this issue?  Has AVG recognized that there is a problem?

    I have had the problem on Dell systems.

    This is causing a lot of wasted time and headaches.

  • Now we have the same problem at different networks (HP,DELL and other systems).

    We have opened the ticket CS189493 with a reference to this community entry and the ticket numbers.

    Hope we get a fast feedback/solution from the support.