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AVG 9 Removal Succeeds - AVG 2012 Install Fails - Succeeds When Restarted

  • I opened support ticket, but I wanted to see if anyone else had seen this issue and had any suggestions on a resolution.

    I am having a problem when updating machines from AVG 9 to AVG 2012.  Until this past weekend (5/18) the majority installs completed without issue.  Since 5/18, every time I have scheduled an upgrade overnight, the removal of AVG 9 completes, but the install of AVG 2012 fails.  The error message is (with different time stamps) "FAILED at 1:06:09 AM 24-May-13 (AVG did not start properly)".  In every case, I then run the installation process of AVG 2012 and the install succeeds without issue.

    Has anyone else seen this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I am having the same symptoms.  I have not identified the core issue, but instead am just pushing the AVG2012 install again which clears the error.

  • RWELLS: I am working with support on the problem now.  I would like to update the all of my endpoints, but I can't do more than a few at a time because I have to follow up and push the install again for every update.

    Can I suggest that you open a support ticket for the problem?  If more tickets are created, maybe the issue will receive a higher priority.

  • Having the same problem. Let us know what support says

  • I've created  support case.

  • I am in the process of following up with support now.  After some more research, it appears that the AVG 2012 install after the reboot from the AVG 9 removal is set to run as the logged in user, when the user logs in. This obviously causes problems when ran overnight because the user will not log in until the script times out.  Then when they do, if UAC is turned on or the user doesn't have local admin rights, the AVG 2012 install prompts for elevation that fails.

    I am not sure what changed in the last week to cause this or why I don't have the problem on servers.  Hopefully, the resolution will be quick.

  • I am hoping K suppport/dev can get this fixed very soon.  Not being able to do an inplace upgrade for KES/AVG is a pretty big problem.


  • Has anyone else seen any movement on this from Kaseya Support?  I haven't gotten any meaningful status updates and after some testing today, it seems that the problem still exists.

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  • I dont see this as such a big problem from my end. After we run an upgrade it shows failed but i run "connect client" and it shows installed. Yes annoying but not holding me back from doing any installs/upgrades.

  • K Support,

    We could really use some help here. Eli reported this issue almost 2 weeks ago, and said he has not received any meaningful updates. This problem is preventing us from mass upgrading our older KES?AVG deployments, which is a big problems.

    Thanks in advance.


  • I wanted to post an update for anyone else having this same issue.  I was able to work with someone at Kaseya today to review the problem.  He was very helpful.

    It appears that AVG has changed the installation file, causing this problem.  He mentioned that it was very similar to a previous problem that had been resolved.  The AVG installer itself, is causing an additional reboot and then waits for the user to login.  

    There is not a resolution as of yet, but I am optimistic that one will be reached soon.

    For the time being, scheduling the uninstall of AVG 9, waiting for it to finish, then scheduling the install of AVG 2012 is a workaround.

  • With our AVG 2012 deployment, uninstall then install as a separate step and install from kserver worked for us. Note: not all systems needed this extra step.

    Watch out on servers... In some cases the uninstall of AVG as a single step activated the windows firewall (this was caused by the AVG uninstaller). This did not cause the agent to stop reporting in, it just stopped the flow of some core services such as email.

    I believe this also leads to the AVG 2012 install failure. So fix the firewall and it helps the AVG 2012 install.