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Current threats not shown in Executive Report

  • Good morning,

    The context of my question is:

     When I run the Executive Report for one client for the last 7 days it does not shown the 3 security threats that appear in the KES  (protection>View threats)

     Endpoint Security Last 7 Days

    Total threats detected  0

    Current Active Threats  0

    Current Threats in Vaults  0

    Threats Resolved  0

    Scans Completed  0

    Updates Performed  441

    Machines with KES installed  15


    These 3 threats still appear as Unable to Heal under the Action column, which makes me think that the threats are still active, not quite sure. The threats’ time is 4th august.  I thought that maybe they were in the vault but they aren’t this is the report for the last 30 days:

    Endpoint Security Last 30 Days

    Total threats detected   4

    Current Active Threats 3

    Current Threats in Vaults              1

    Threats Resolved             0

    Scans Completed             88

    Updates Performed       1772

    Machines with KES installed        15


     I created yesterday a Kaseya Support ticket and I was told that the threats  do not appear in my report because the time range of 7 days doesn’t include the 4th august.  And the ticket is now closed  but I still have the doubt.

    But If I ran the 30 days reports I see the active threats, which is correct when I run the report for the last 30 days I see those threats.


    So , my question is :

    If those threats are unable to heal, are not they still active?

    Thank you in advance for any help in this matter,



  • I forgot to say I am using Kaseya 2008 :)

  • The wording on the report is misleading.  It really should state that the threats were discovered and were not handled at the time they were discovered.  Typically these are cleaned up as the IE cache gets cleared out.  If you notice a machine that continues to report un-handled threats, there may be something more going on.

    We are doing a fair bit of work to reorganize this report for the future.  Stay tuned.