I already opened a ticket on this with Kaseya, but I wanted to check-in with everyone else who is using KES (AVG2012).  Here is what was sent to Kaseya support:

So after hours of finally getting KES to finally function on our server, I am faced with multiple issues.


  1. Setting the option "Display option to Enable/Disable Resident Shield in Agent Icon Menu" does not apply to the machines.
    1. I am more than able to right-click on the AVG icon in the task bar, and disable AVG for as long as I want.  This is NOT acceptable.
  2. The Kaseya Security interface is lacking TONS of options...
    1. By far, the most critical options are for LinkScanner.  If you go to Linkscanner > Advanced Options > Online Shield > Expert Settings, there is an option to "Check archives".  This is a pretty important option for us to have when deploying.  Our security standards REQUIRE us to pass the EICAR test file procedure to where the AV client blocks all four file types (com, txt, zip, zip x 2).
       Pretty much all settings for LinkScanner are missing from the Kaseya interface.
    2. Anti-Rootkit options do not show, nor can we initiate just a Quick/Full rootkit scan from the Kaseya interface.
    3. Scanning options are non-existent from Kaseya.  All I can do is schedule a "scan", no mention of what I am scanning.  No options to only scan specific folders, to just run a rootkit scan, or to run a quick/full scan.
  3. Full scan options not populating from profile selected.
    1. When reviewing the full scan options on the client, the options I selected for "Scan for Tracking Cookies: Yes", "Scan inside archives: Yes" and "Scanning Priority: High" are all set to defaults.
  4. Procedures to run before/after setup only partially work.
  1. While the procedure that was to run before install worked fine, the procedure after install never ran.

Has anyone else experienced these issues and/or know of a fix?  It is very frustrating at how many options are missing from the profiles that you setup with Kaseya.