Hey guys, I was running some tests with the new KES 2.3, and I ran into this issue that I wonder if you guys have seen.  When I run the Scheduled Scan from Kaseya, I found that anything it detected and moved to the Virus Vault couldn't be restored.

If I try to restore it from Kaseya, it ends up saying, "Unable to Restore", in the Virus Vault section, and "ThreatRestoredFailed" in the logs.  And if I try to restore it from AVG 2012 directly, the Restore button is grayed out, and trying to use the "Restore As" button, gives me the error: "Restoring of some objects failed.  Please, try to use Restore button for these objects."

This only happens with the Kaseya Scheduled Scan.  If I run a Whole Computer Scan from AVG itself, or if something got detected by the Resident Shield and then healed by either AVG or Kaseya, I can restore the file just fine.  I noticed that "Path to file" column shows N/A for the Scheduled Scan detections, while the rest show the original path to the file, so I don't know if that makes a difference.

So far, I've only tested this on a WinXP and Win7 x64 machine that I had upgraded from KES 2.1.  Have you guys seen anything like this?