We have an issue where KES installs fail if we use the filesource option but succeed if we use the "override filesource" option. Obviously with the AVG2012 rollout we want to get this fixed. I have discovered two issues so far:

1. The install file will fail to copy from the filesource to the agent working directory if there is no trailing slash in the patch management filesource config. For example \\server\sharename will fail, but \\server\sharename\ will succeed.

2. I have also found the install procedure often fails in step 7. When i have a look at the install procedure this step is simply a "Use Credential" step. If I test the credentials in Agent > Set Credentials, it passes. However, if I go ahead and re-specify the credentials (same details of course) the KES installation then works from the file source fine.

Obviously issue 1 is just a nuisance that can be worked through but issue 2 really has me banging my head against a wall and as you can imagine, I don't want to go re-specifying perfectly good credentials everywhere, particularly as I would be wondering to myself how long it would take my VSA to decide those creds were no good again. I have raised a ticket with Kaseya (CS142811) however despite calling them every day for an update the only activity on the ticket has been my findings as specified above and the ticket has been open since 29th of Jan, hence my posting here wondering if anyone can help.

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