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Showing AVG conflict with version pushed form kaseya

  • After removing symantec form a client and rolling out AVG i re ran all audits.  on the KES install page it shows application conflict with AVG but the only version of AVG ever on these machines was the version we just pushed out from kaseya. This is showing on about 20 of the 45 machines we deployed to.  All machines are vista Sp2 WE are on Kaseya 6.3 with KES 6.3  Application Conflict (file 'AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o.\AVG Internet Security Network Edition version:')

  • we have seen the same issue here today and have opened a ticket with k support

  • My thoughts are that it has to do with rolling out a new installer and update package to register with the Security Center. If this is not the case I will need to put a ticket in as well.

  • We have this conflict as well, I didn't catch it yesterday, but noticed it immediately this morning.  If it turns out a ticket is required to correct this, I will submit one.  But if your ticket gives you information on how to correct it, please post it here.

    Thank you.

  • Our ticket has been sent over to Developers, i will let you know when i have more information from them.

  • We have this issue as well but have not yet put in a ticket in. Please let us know your  updates with the support team.

    As a side now - I've noticed that Third Party A/V is now being detected a bit better than K6.2, anyone else see that? I had times where even Microsoft Security Essentials wouldn't be detected. I manually logged onto all my Managed Workstations just to check because I couldn't trust the Dashboard.

  • got this as a response from Kaseya ticket, lokos like they will fix on the backend

    AVG released an update that caused this - development has been made aware of it, so we will release a fix as soon as possible.

    It shouldn't cause any problems with AVG itself, although it looks untidy in the kaseya interface.

  • thank you for posting, hopefully this fix comes sooner than the "Security Center" fix took to be implemented....

  • There has been a couple of hotfixes issued now; CS143543 and CS143462. The first one seems to have fixed detection for win7, server 200x. but XP is still broken.

    this is because the anti-virus product detection code returns a different string in XP, which Kaseya obviously haven't added to their database. XP returns ‘AVG Technologies\AVG Internet Security Network Edition version:2012.0’ whereas 7 etc. return something different (sorry, don't have the exact text to hand currently).

    Kaseya just need to add this string to their list if recognised products, and all will be well.

    I have submitted ticket CS144909 to address this.

  • The hotfixes released on 23/02/2012 seem to have fixed this problem; although K still haven't gotten back to me regarding my ticket.

  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the update; I am checking your ticket now to see if it was the latest hotfixes that have indeed resolved the conflict. I will post back as soon as I talk to the Devs

    Thanks for your patience

    - Amado