We are facing issue with kaseya patch management, which we never faced before version 6.2. I am not sure it is because version upgrade or what.Though we have also updated our SEP client to version 12.

Below is the story,


When we start scanning the machine for patch, the PC in process likely to start hanging and crawl to hard reboot if the agent is not suspended. If you see agent logs for such machine findings are this machine gets continuously scanned by kaseya. When we suspend such agent machine starts to work perfectly.

Kaseya Resolution:

Kaseya Response -1- Symantec blocking the kaseya folder or any thing related to kaseya patching process.

We followed kaseya and acted : We uninstalled symantec on 6 machine and tested, issue remain the same machine still hangs. Symantec is not the problem. Though we then added exception in symantec for kaseya folder.

Kaseya Response -2- Proxy is blocking following URL (update.microsoft.com, download.microsoft.com, download.windowsupdate.com,www.windowsupdate.com, vsaupdate.kaseya.net)

We followed kaseya and acted: We allowed this URL on proxy for all. But issue remains the same. Proxy is not the issue

Kaseya Response -3- No response till now.

Has Anybody faced this as we are unable to patch machine, let alone the server. 

Note: All the machine has valid credentials and have access to network, which has been tested by patch test in kaseya.