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KES 2.3 / AVG2012 and Windows Security Centre

  • OK, so now KES 2.3 is "more or less" GA, I'd like to air my biggest gripe publicly:

    AVG2012 does not work with Windows Security Centre. That's right, onc eyou install AVG2012, all your endpoints will now show pop-ups saying the machine has no AV protection, until such time as you visit the Security centre on the endpoint, and tell it to Ignore the AV status.

    This is documented in the release notes for KES 2.3, and it's an AVG issue (*NOT KASEYA's FAULT*), but seriously, WTF were they thinking??? AVG9 supports security centre, why not 2012???This is proving be the single biggest hassle of all time for me and my clients are complaining that we have failed them thanks to the false error messages.

    I'm so unimpressed that AVG would do this, and I have no idea why. Really, this needs to be fixed. now.

    Also, why doesn't Kaseya at least offer a script to 'fix' security centre???

  • Let me find out from AVG what the story is.  

    There really isn't an easy way to just "fix the security center" since that would defeat the purpose of it...I'm imagining lots of virus / malware programs running crazy by updating the security center for windows...


  • Jeff, you have to fix this before you go GA ...


  • That depends if it's a KES issue or an AVG issue.

  • It is absolutely an AVG issue; the KES2.3 release notes list it as a known issue. It just baffles me as to why AVG would remove this feature to begin with....

  • I don't think it's an AVG issue...  But no matter  .... a product can never be GA, if such a problem exists.

  • There is another issue which I am facing that if upgrade or installation fails on any machine then it will never get removed. I tried to remove it manual per KES KB which succeeded but it will never removed from KES console in VSA. Kaseya support proved to be worst than hell. Life was so easy with AVG 9.xx but uhhhh...!

  • If KES shows AVG installed, and it isn't, try doing a 'cancel pending operation' on the endpoint followed by a 'baseline audit'.

    If this doesn't work, download the AVG removal tool from the AVG website and run that on the endpoint (to remove all traces of AVG from the endpoint), followed by another baseline audit.

    This has resolved that issue for me previously.

  • FWIW - I just spun up AVG Free 2012 on a Windows 7 machine and it is talking to Security Center fine.

  • @ Jeff Keyes (Kaseya)

    Some feedback for us?


  • @Craig tried that already before posting and only thing i see in KES console is uninstall failed at..... and on machine I see it installed.

  • I just stumbled across this thread. Yikes!

    I can't believe AVG would do this. I totally can't installed managed AV software that is going to display popup messages from the Windows Security Center saying the machine has no AV protection.  

    What are users doing? Is there a registry key we can edit via a script/agent procedure ?


  • bump...

    I am really curious to learn what KES users are doing with this issue.


  • Me too.

    This, and the prompting of users to do an initial scan are rally annoying issues.

    I suspect that AV don't really understand what Kaseya are or what Kaseya users want of an MSP-platform managed AV product.

  • "I suspect that AV don't really understand what Kaseya are or what Kaseya users want of an MSP-platform managed AV product."

    Surely all corporate users have the same expectation - little or no popups on workstations.